Why we need more permanent protection

Across the country there are thousands of landholders, including family farmers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations, graziers, nature conservancies, scientists and businesses who are all choosing to make space for nature, voluntarily committing to permanently protect wildlife habitat and iconic natural places on our land.

These people are proud to protect and manage these precious places. They want to play our part in ensuring the survival of threatened native species and the health of our rivers, forests and farmland for the benefit of all Australians. 

We all want to ensure Australia’s unique animals, birds and plants survive and thrive, but their future is threatened by feral animals and weeds, inappropriate fire, climate change and loss of vital habitat. More than 60% of land in Australia is privately owned or managed but less than 2% of this area is currently protected. Government support for greater voluntary conservation efforts by landholders is an essential part of securing their future.  

That’s why we’re calling on the Australian Government to invest in and support landholders to permanently safeguard and actively manage wildlife habitat on privately owned land.

With this greater investment and support, we can build on the practical hard work of thousands of passionate and dedicated people who have a direct connection to their land and want to ensure its protection by growing the private protected area network.  

This investment would also help landholders to diversify their income, support practical land management, create local employment and support the long-term productivity and resilience of Australia’s thriving rural landscapes. 

Healthy ecosystems protect the essentials for life – our air, our water, our soil, and our biodiversity. Supporting landholders who make space for nature will leave a valuable legacy and ensure a healthy future for all Australians. 

Let’s help create a legacy for all Australians.