People who protect

Across the country there are thousands of landholders – family farmers, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations, nature conservancies, scientists and businesses – all choosing to make space for nature and preserve our natural legacy.

Credit: Esther Beaton

Clare Cannon

Southern NSW

"One of the ways we have marketed our property is through its biodiversity. We are setting the way for farmers, giving them confidence you can be profitable and have a covenant."

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Gordon Williams

Northern NSW

"It is not just about planting some trees or looking after an area that is interesting; it is about opportunities for getting some income and making the farm more productive and resilient over time"

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Mark Schneider and Rene Woods managing Gayini for conservation, agriculture and culture. Credit: Annette Ruzicka

Nari Nari people

South Western NSW

“The Nari Nari people have been using traditional knowledge to sustain our country for thousands of years. Now, we can continue to protect the environment, preserve the Aboriginal heritage of the land and enable the intergenerational transfer of knowledge of caring for country.”

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Credit: Strathallan Family Landcare

Drew Gailey

North Western Victoria

"We have less than 1 per cent of native grasslands left in Victoria. These grasslands are our version of the rainforest in terms of the huge diversity of plants and animals they support."

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Eddy and Donna. Credit: Eddy Wajon

Eddy & Donna Wajon

South Western WA

"I thought wouldn't it be great to own and look after this place. How great to say we own this patch of bush and are responsible for looking after it."

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Paul Dettmann. Credit: Trust for Nature

Paul Dettman

South Eastern Australia

“Farmers are Australia’s biggest land managers and rather than there being a tension between agriculture and conservation, we need to find synergy for the benefit of people and all other species.”

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