Our Natural Legacy is building a broad coalition of diverse land management organisations that support enduring conservation outcomes on privately managed lands, including the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Australian Land Conservation Alliance.

We work with local communities, scientists, stakeholders and government to permanently safeguard and actively manage wildlife habitat on privately owned land, for the benefit of all Australians.  We support landholders to diversify their income, support practical land management, create local employment and support the long-term productivity and resilience of Australia’s farmland.

Our Natural Legacy recognises and pays respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to their elders past, present and emerging. We recognise and respect the enduring relationship they have with their lands, sea and water.

 Landholders and organisations are exploring how existing mechanisms, practices and engagements applied on lands not owned or managed by Indigenous communities can adapt to support effective pathways for meaningful relationship building, access, ownership, employment and management of Country.

The planning for the implementation of a 5% growth target for permanently protected areas must have Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and organisations at the centre.